The Clinical Opportunity Blueprint™ is a critical step in DDSmatch’s Trusted Transition Process®. DDSmatch partners with Dental Intelligence to create this proprietary report derived from data pulled directly from the practice. This exclusive report reveals opportunities within the practice, detailing production mix, intensity, new patient flow and more.

In dentistry, a treatment plan spells out the steps to give your patient the best possible outcome given the clinical evidence and your dental expertise. DDSmatch’s Clinical Opportunity Blueprint (COB)™ functions the same way as you prepare to sell your dental practice and get the best possible value out of it.

As part of the dental practice sale process the COB shows the selling dentist how can they finish strong, but as DDSmatch Professional Andy Edmister says, it can be equally valuable in showing a prospective buyer the opportunity in a practice.

Q & A with Andy Edmister

Q. What is the Clinical Opportunity Blueprint™?
Andy: Simply described, it’s a perfectly packaged report that boils down the clinical aspects of a dental practice into a pleasing format, while clearly specifying areas of future opportunity.

Q: You shared that the COB is well received by the dentists you serve-both sellers and buyers. Why is that?
Andy: I’ve shared the Clinical Opportunity Blueprint™ with dozens of dentists in the Southwest and they love it. Here are a few reasons why:

  • First, it’s seamless for the dentist selling their practice. We have partnered with Dental Intelligence to create this proprietary report using the existing practice data that DI pulls. The dentist doesn’t have to fill out a bunch of cumbersome forms or have a group of people in the office. It’s all very discreet—and simple.
  • Second, when the report is generated, it really is easy to understand and interpret from the procedure analysis to the insurance report and beyond. The facts are visually compelling with charts and graphs that dentists can relate to as they envision a day in the life of their dental practice.
  • Third, and this is so important– It maintains confidentiality for a seller, while providing the buyer with enough critical pieces of information to make informed decisions as they determine how they want to move forward

Q: You get great feedback on the information provided by the COB. What do dentists say they value the most?
Andy: We are often complimented on our data-both the content and organization of our reports from our real estate report with Modum, to our comprehensive Certified Business Valuations with Blue and Co., and the COB is no different in that it excels in organization and impact according to the dentists I talk to.

Also, I think it resonates with dentists because it shows the clinical parts of the practice—the true areas of a dentist’s expertise. As they review they can determine how their skills and standard of care will mesh.

Q: Dentists looking to buy a practice get excited about the opportunities the COB unveils. Can you give some examples?
Andy: Absolutely. The COB spells out the blueprint for growth—showing a potential buyer how they can maximize the practice as soon as the start. The reports will show the buyer that they can make their own choices to benefit the health of the practice.

Let’s talk about perio for instance. The ADA says about 30% of the population has periodontal disease. By looking at the procedure analysis, the COB might show that the selling dentist is referring out all perio, due to personal preference. The buying dentist really enjoys perio, and can see by adding that into the mix, he can seize an opportunity.

Depending on the practice, there may be other opportunities revealed with coding changes, insurance plans, films and exam type and its corresponding intervals allowed by different insurance plans, and more.

Q. How is the Clinical Opportunity Blueprint™ unique in the dental transition marketplace?
Andy: At DDSmatch, we are here to help successfully connect a dentist to their future . We want them to be the hero of their own story. We can assist them best by tapping into our relationships, resources and reports specific to their needs.

To that end, I haven’t seen anything else like the COB in the transition marketplace.

The Clinical Opportunity Blueprint™ is unique because it pulls all of these aspects together:

  • Derived from information pulled seamlessly from the practice
  • Well organized in a pleasing format that is easy to understand
  • Provides benchmarks and critical reports that allow for goal setting
  • Focuses on the clinical aspects of the practice which helps determine a good match.
  • Provides an excellent framework of information to share with trusted advisors
  • And ultimately—let’s a dentist have a say in how they practice, how they harness opportunities, and how they transition.

Interested in learning more?

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Andy Edmister has enjoyed more than 20 years in the dental industry, forming strong relationships with dentists selling solutions, products, and services to dentists in Texas and New Mexico. After working for a highly respected company with a deep focus on integrity and doing what was right for the customer, it was important for him to find a brand with those same principles.